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March 18, 2016

Alliance Manchester Business School

Support and sponsorship

Space 48’s team pride themselves on just that, being a great team.

Constant improvement every day is key internally, and externally we all like to do our bit to give back to the surrounding community. In recent times this has come in many guises, to name a few; the sharing of techniques, the organisation of Mage Titans, the development of charity websites, the sponsorship of events that are meaningful to our team; and this is where our news comes in:

Our Directors Jon (Woodall) and Tony (Brown) started this company with an idea, knowledge and passion back in 2008. Each armed with their area of expertise (business and technology) they built the company up to what it is today. Throughout his years in business Jon has picked up valuable learnings, self-taught, and has turned to highly respected mentors. Along this journey he met Jonathan Woods, the now President of the Alliance MBS, and through sponsorship has offered a helping hand.

Now, with a portfolio of success and a whole host of positive projects in the pipeline, Jon also wants to encourage the future generation to really reach their true potential.

The Alliance Manchester Business School has a global reputation for innovative and influential teaching and research, which impacts business on a local, national, and international level. Jon sees this support and sponsorship as a way for him to invest in the future of original ideas, innovation, and successful global business trade.

Jon comments: “Being well-connected to the business community on many levels is very important for Space 48 and myself. This sponsorship opportunity will help us to collaborate with and contribute to the next wave of young business people.”

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