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April 8, 2015

Becoming Google certified

Our latest post ‚ÄòThe Benefits of Becoming a Google Certified Shop’ provided you with tonnes of reasons why you would want to become certified. If you are a business owner and aware of these vast benefits, then I know the next question is where do I sign up? Here we will talk you through how to become a Google Certified Shop and in turn increase customer confidence and conversions.

The minimum requirements to join the initiative are as follows:

  • Average monthly order volume over 200 orders per store
  • No restricted products/services
  • Customer support respond within one business day
  • You are able to provide accurate estimate ship dates for non-backordered items
  • Your store cart pages are not hosted on a separate domain
  • Your checkout page is encrypted, such is only accessed via HTTPS.

Create a Google certified shops account


After referring to the above requirements and verifying your eligibility, you are then able to begin the process in creating a Google Certified Shops account. During account set-up and sign agreements, you will be required to provide business information. Then the next steps are as follows:

Technical integration

The integration requires you to place two snippets of code on the site, a badge code and order confirmation module. The code allows the recognised Google badge to appear on the site and will give customers the option to opt in for purchase protection once approved.

Extended time period monitoring

Google will assess your eligibility by reviewing various sources of data for a minimum of 30 days. Customers that purchase an item on your site may receive an invite to complete a survey regarding their shopping experience, this will add to the data collected.

If all is well, the store will be approved!