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October 30, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation Finder

The Foundation Finder Functionality

In May 2013, Charlotte Tilbury approached us to build a brand new website on the Magento Enterprise platform. Since the launch we have continued to work with Charlotte Tilbury on a monthly basis developing the website further. Some of those developments have included; US Website, Canadian Website, Australian Website and a European Website.

Last month, we launched the Foundation Finder, a functionality that helps their customers find their perfect foundation.

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The customer journey

The Foundation Finder consists of a step-by-step process; the user is required to select the coverage level they like, identify their skin type and any skin issues they may have, then followed by choosing their skin tone. After completing the process, the foundation finder recommends the foundation most suited to the customer based on their previous selections.

Step 1:

Step 2:
Step 2

Step 3:
Step 3

The Foundation Feature went live in-line with the Magic Foundation product launch. Charlotte Tilbury’s main goal of the project was to ensure that customers bought the foundation that was right for their skin needs by replicating the personalised experience you can find at an in store counter. Increasingly, as this was the second type of foundation to be launched, they wanted their customers to be happy with their selection and avoid any confusion. Having an additional unique functionality that helps aid customer decision-making and purchasing, sets Charlotte Tilbury out from its competitors.

The implementation

We implemented the Foundation Finder using a series of CMS pages that link through to other CMS pages to narrow down the product results. The final step of the Foundation Finder, Charlotte’s recommendation, is dynamic, pulling the product information from the database along with offering the customer the ability to add the product to their bag. This page also has an added ‘Use It With’ section, where the customer is presented with suggested products to use with each of the different foundation types and shades. This section uses Magento’s ‘Related products’ functionality to pull through the upsell add-ons.

Step 4:

The Foundation Finder was created in a modular approach to ensure that the functionality was transferable to other step based processes Charlotte Tilbury may decide to use in the future. If you want to read more about our work with Charlotte Tilbury, please take a look at our case study.