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June 8, 2018

Key Benefits of Magento Shipping for Merchants and Customers

During this year’s Magento Imagine conference, Magento Commerce announced its latest moves to enhance its shipping capabilities and payment solutions for users, to help merchants improve their online shopping experience.

In this blog, Space 48’s Marketing & Events Manager, Natasha Wright, explores the key benefits of Magento Shipping for retailers and customers.

Putting the customer first

Recent advances in technology and the influence of social media have changed consumer browsing and buying behaviours. In response, retailers must adapt and offer better search functionality and navigation for finding the right products, features and content that aid decision-making on products pages, and faster and more flexible payment and delivery options.

Trailblazing ecommerce brands, like Amazon and ASOS, have catered for customer needs so well, consumer expectations have been heightened. Therefore, retailers must up their game. If your ecommerce store doesn’t offer the latest functionality, flexibility or speed that consumers now expect, you avoid losing visitors and even your most loyal customers,

So, how does Magento Shipping help retailers deliver better online shopping experience? Magento Shipping enables retailers to provide superior customer service than ever before, whilst streamlining operations for merchants.

Here are some of Magento Shipping’s key benefits…

Automated and efficient fulfillment for an omnichannel experience

Magento Shipping for Magento 2 websites offers powerful automation features, which help merchants streamline fulfillment from multiple locations, including distribution centres and physical stores, to create customer-focused omnichannel experiences. You can configure your shipping options and automation rules for fulfillment directly from the Magento admin.

We worked on an award-winning replatforming project with pure-play homeware business, Cox & Cox, to upgrade their ecommerce store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. They were the first UK retailer to implement Magento Shipping for Magento 2.  

Magento Shipping enabled their business to accommodate more complex shipping requirements, which played a large part in helping them achieve a 6.7% increase in conversion rate (20% on mobile) and a 28.8% increase in average order value (45% on mobile)! 

Learn more about our Magento 2 replatforming project with Cox & Cox on our case study page.

Minimise cart abandonment

With average cart abandonment rates in 2017 at around 78% (Source: Barilliance), it’s crucial for retail brands to focus on ways to bring down the number of abandoned baskets on their ecommerce websites. Flexible shipping and convenient payment options help to do this.

Having the right shipping options can build customer trust and loyalty and drive conversions. Magento Shipping allows retail businesses to dynamically display flexible and competitive shipping options and costs, for shoppers to quickly view and to choose their preferred options. Use shipping as a promotional tool!

Magento’s recently-introduced Amazon integrations, such as Amazon Pay, further streamlining the checkout process on ecommerce stores, offering existing Amazon customer a fast and convenient payment method. Find out more about the benefits of adding the Amazon Pay integration to your Magento store in our recent blog.

Streamlining your operations

Magento Shipping also enables merchants to service international markets more easily through out-of-the-box access to the world’s leading carriers. Retailers can compare carrier service rates from within the Magento admin. Advanced packing rules and shipment ratings make carrier selection easier.

The combination of Magento’s enhanced shipping capabilities and the platform’s integration with Vertex gives merchants an efficient solution for managing shipping, tax calculations, exemptions and returns.

Integrating Magento Shipping

Magento Shipping is powered by Temando, a shipping and fulfillment platform with an enterprise-grade API that provides cutting-edge speed, scalability and reliability, plus compatibility with third party WMS, OMS and ERP systems.

Merchants using Magento Commerce 2.2.2 and later or Magento Open Source 2.2.2 and later can access Magento Shipping from their Magento admin. It’s easy to set up and configure and provides access to the newest carriers without the need to update your software.

Temando’s powerful shipping and fulfillment solution for Magento users is extensive in its reach and super-efficient. And the ease of use and increased order visibility is a blessing for merchants.


In a modern retail landscape, where consumers want more flexibility about where, when and how they purchase and get their products delivered, Magento Shipping matches the ambition of leading retailers and the expectations of today’s shoppers.

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