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Cox and Cox: What got you here won’t always get you there.

How a single launch ERP, WMS and Magento 2 re-platforming delivered Cox and Cox a ROI of 2,296% in just six months.

Often in business, in life even, what got you here won’t get you there. To move forward, to develop, to grow and to insulate yourself from new challenges, something needs to change.

Positive change – A fresh, integrated, best in breed, mobile-first approach

Based in Frome, Somerset, with 1,500 to 2,000 SKUs, 40 full time staff and a turnover of £15 million per year, homeware business Cox and Cox knew very well that if they were going to overcome the threat of new competition, the inexorable rise of mobile shopping, and the limitations of their online sales and support systems, they needed a fresh mobile-first approach.

Rip it up and start again

What had got them here – essentially running ERP, WMS and their ecommerce on Magento 1 Community Edition would need upgrading to an integrated best of breed ERP, WMS and Magento Commerce 2 platform.

Aynsley, Cox and Cox

We needed to completely rip out all of our technology systems and start from scratch

Aynsley Peet, Head of Ecommerce at Cox and Cox.

Embracing ambitious objectives

Although such rapid and radical change can be intimidating (especially when it’s the simultaneous launch of Magento 2, Netsuite ERP and WaerSystems using Patchwork middleware to bring over all the data) sometimes it’s just easier to look the challenge square in the eye and face it down.

Certainly when your Systems Integration partner has the technical and commercial skillsets of Space48.

A partner experienced in delivering even the most complicated of system integrations with the minimum of drama and the maximum of business benefits.

Business benefits that saw Cox and Cox’s overall revenue increase by 27% to £8.4m in just six months – overperforming their 20% target in half the 12 month predicted time.

Business benefits in the form of average order values up by 24%, mobile sales up 24% and mobile site conversion up by 18%.

We move quickly…

After an eight month development project, the benefits were instant and the evolution of the Cox and Cox ecommerce offering continues to this day with Nosto, ecommerce product recommendation and Klevu site search both recently added to the website.

“We move quickly, we’ve got projects that come out of nowhere”, says Aynsley,

“We’ve no in-house development team so it’s perfect. Space48 is like an outsourced in-house team. They’ve great experience with other customers and clients and can advise on what works for others. I come up with the projects, Space48 guide me. Then they deliver it.

On previous projects, I’ve gone through the project with Systems Integrators who built it but months later have moved elsewhere as the relationship hasn’t worked. With Space48 we’ve thrived.

We’ve got trust – and that’s really compelling.”

Aynsley Peet, Head of Ecommerce at Cox and Cox

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