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Ultra LEDs

Ultra LEDs: A flash BigCommerce site to brighten up their profits.

Originally hosted on Magento 1, Ultra LEDs knew that ‘End of Life’ was looming. They had to make a decision. Stay on an unsupported platform, upgrade to Magento 2, or migrate elsewhere. The latter was chosen. And with Space 48’s help, they took the leap to BigCommerce with an all-new, UX-focused redesign.

Proactive – a refreshed, future-proof ecommerce site that gave Ultra LEDs the tools to scale their online presence without fear of security breaches.

Established in 2005, Ultra LEDs has trailblazed through its industry, supplying both the commercial and trade industry with the highest quality, bespoke lighting systems from their 17,000 square foot production facility. To complement their brick and mortar influence, Ultra LEDs wanted an adaptable, reliable ecommerce solution that would springboard their online ambitions. Space 48, utilising the wealth of features on BigCommerce, gave them that freedom.


Every good ecommerce build requires honest conversation, collaboration, and the ability to pivot where necessary. It’s the foundation of a long-lasting relationship.

As UK Elite BigCommerce partners, we knew that BigCommerce would provide Ultra LEDs with the scope and accessibility they needed to accelerate their ecommerce. The greatest draw was that as a SaaS platform, full of webhook integrations, Ultra LEDs could get their desired functionality without exhausting resources or site performance.

“The best part about working with Space 48 is that they listen, which in my experience is the most crucial point in any project. They’ve even advised against ideas to make sure that the website being developed is of the highest possible quality. The solutions that the team offers to dilemmas are always helpful and their patience is admirable.”

Paul Garner, Ecommerce Director at UltraLEDs

Brightpearl was integrated as the ERP of choice. Not only is it a technologically robust piece of software, but one that enhanced the experience at the customer’s end. Ultra LEDs needed the lighting products and their respective components to be upsold together. Once all items were purchased, the ERP would inform the warehouse to package and ship to the customer in one delivery. Building the logic for this complex process was a monumental task. But with our technical expertise, Brightpearl’s collaboration, and Ultra LED’s clear sense of purpose, the function works like a dream. A lightbulb moment now realised live on site.

To help with site navigation, Nextopia were called in. A key selling point was their ability to create custom bundles. The team at Space 48 worked closely with Nextopia to build out the tech needed to address Ultra LED’s requirements and to keep them selling in the way they wanted to.



Switching on the results. PING!

It was immediately clear that the new designs were engaging the customer more than before. The content was grabbing the customers attention and more importantly, as the micro-metrics began to whiz past the projected targets, Ultra-LEDs experienced an uptake in conversion rates.
  • Exit rates plummeted – dropping by a massive 32.72%.
  • Average time on page grew by 33.77%
  • 14.03% increase in conversion compared to the same period last year.

“We are extremely happy with the website that Space 48 has created for us. It is visually appealing, clean, easy to navigate and ultra-responsive – everything we specified and more. I will have no hesitation in recommending Space 48.”

Paul Garner, Ecommerce Director at UltraLEDs

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