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Kinetica: A superior Shopify Plus site engineered for market expansion.

Ecommerce is a dynamic industry where proactivity wins the day. It’s a place where leading sports nutrition brand, Kinetica Sport, aspired to be – with the independence to execute online campaigns without waiting around for the tech to keep up. So with new expansion plans on the horizon, they teamed up with Space 48 to create a superior ecommerce website on Shopify Plus.

Fuel – A cutting-edge website that makes use of the Shopify Plus’ out-of-the-box features to give Kinetica Sport the fuel it needs to expand into new markets.

Kinetica Sport is a leading sports nutrition brand successfully trading in the UK, Ireland and a number of international markets. Since 2009, they’ve produced a range of popular nutrition supplements favoured by wholesalers, retailers and athletes.

Looking to scale into new markets, they wanted a site that captured their brand’s dynamism and energy – a bold, explosive new destination website, where consumers can buy quality products and learn about sports nutrition. A genuine best-in-class site that stands out from their competitors and adds value for the customers.

A complete migration to Shopify Plus stacked with advanced automation functionality giving Kinetica the independence they needed for international success in just 3 months.

As the website was crucial to long-term growth plans, Kinetica trusted Space 48 to deliver a visionary site on time and within budget. Known for it’s fast and simple onboarding, Shopify Plus was chosen as the ecommerce platform, jam-packed with everything a fast-growing merchant needs. Out of the box solutions, including Shopify’s native CMS were fully utilised to give Kinetica the foundations to take immediate action without lagging behind competitors.

To enhance the performance of the site, seamless automation and improved integration between tech systems took precedence during development. A focus was placed on automating stock management and refining data flows. Our sophisticated logic ensured that the right stock and delivery information was being displayed in real-time on the front end. Instead of having the manually update pages, Kinetica could place more effort on marketing and sales activity without the worry of losing time sorting through tech limitations.

Much of that marketing effort was spent on content – selling the brand with meaningful, educational content alongside in-demand products and seasonal promos. With an emphasis on owning content internally, Kinetica wanted an agile way to produce this messaging. Shogun, the storefront builder was that chosen solution. With simple drag and drop functionality, Kinetica now has the freedom to optimise online content, keeping on-brand, and with reduced development time and costs.


Kinetica: A superior Shopify Plus site engineered for market expansion.

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