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Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms

Wholesale Domestic: A Google Ad strategy that achieved a 27% increase in ROAS.

When Space 48 began working with Wholesale Domestic, they won big per customer – with a reasonably strong Average Order Value. But traffic wasn’t as consistent as they’d like. Limiting their potential for massive growth. So they asked Space 48 to deliver a sophisticated paid advertising strategy that could finally bring in the numbers.

Foundation First – Building a robust Google Ads framework that gave structure and clarity to Wholesale Domestic’s complex marketing strategy.

Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms has a longstanding heritage with providing high-quality bathroom products for an unbeatable price. Since 1963, they’ve offered market-leading products in their brick and mortar showrooms throughout Scotland. Today, they’ve gone digital, decked out with a high-performing website, 7-days-a-week customer service team and an advanced 133,000 square feet Distribution Centre.

To give them a leg-up on their competition, they set their sights on marketing. That’s where we come in.

Installing longevity from the ground up.

Wholesale Domestic sell bathrooms, and bathroom related products – roughly 10,000 SKUs. It’s not a quick sell. It’s a complex buying cycle that asks the customer to think long-term. It’s a process we’ve coined ‘considered commerce’. And it takes a considered marketing approach to be successful in this arena.

To flesh out the opportunities Google Ads could provide Wholesale Domestic, the first objective was to engineer an in-depth framework to give Wholesale Domestic a level of focus they hadn’t seen before.

Our approach was to hone in on bathroom styles, product types, and key features over brand names. Our previous experience with the industry highlighted that brand recall was low. So we adapted accordingly.

Everything was tracked. Using perimeter tracking to measure footfall in local stores, and monitoring Google Shopping Activity – data became the most valuable resource. And Wholesale Domestic had tons of it.

The newly implemented framework then allowed Wholesale Domestic to turn on the money tap when they needed to push product types that sold well. It was clear to see. And the results flooded in.

When looking for a partner to work with I always approach it like looking for an employee. Ollie struck me as the most honest Google Ad’s orientated person I’ve ever encountered in 12 years in ecommerce. There was no fancy jargon, no bad-mouthing any other company, just a guy with a plan, tons of enthusiasm, and a “this is how I’ll do it if you let me” attitude.

– Phil McBride, Ecommerce Manager at Wholesale Domestic

The objective? Volume. The outcome? Volume and improved profitability. Win-win.

Space 48 took an informed and controlled approach to Wholesale Domestic’s Adwords account. This phased approach leveraged dynamic search and remarketing functionality within the Adwords platform – something Wholesale Domestic weren’t taking advantage of previously.
Google Paid Search skyrocketed – generating a 100% increase in sessions. More volume, more money.
It was a chain reaction. More money than ever was invested in their search, with advertising spend going up by 96%. As a result, Wholesale Domestic saw a 33% lift in ROI as well as a sharp 184.91% increase on order value. It was a massive jump in revenue for that extra spend. Well worth it.

Despite Ollie not working for our company directly he’s one of my most trusted and valued team members. I get the feeling that with Ollie, it’s not a case of us just being a client. He takes it to a more personal and proactive level where he is part of the team. You almost forget that he works for Space 48 where it’s not an agency-client relationship, it’s an extension of an in-house team.

Paul Garner, Ecommerce Director at UltraLEDs

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Wholesale Domestic: A paid ad strategy that achieved a 27% increase in ROAS.

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