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November 12, 2015

Mage Titans 2015 – what a day!

A retrospective:

Wow, what a reception! We are delighted with the success of our second Mage Titans conference and the sheer number of you who attended. The feedback we have heard from the event so far has been very positive, and comments include “must-not-miss”, “leading the way” and “restored my faith in conferences”.

It was our Managing Director, Jon Woodall who first came up with the idea. Jon wanted to give something back to the Magento community with an event which was solely focused on pushing one another forward. And so, in 2014 Mage Titans began.


Space 48 are the official Mage Titans event partners alongside the fantastic Manchester Digital.

The speakers

From start to finish, the event was well received; with such a brilliant lineup of speakers, we weren’t expecting anything less. I asked our developers their thoughts on the talks and dare I say it, which talk was their favourite. The response was divided with a lot of people finding it hard to decide on just one.

Daniel Sloof was a strong favourite, as “he has done amazing work and something that is even better than Magento 2 implementation”.

David Manners talk was also mentioned, as some of our self professed Magento beginners thought it provided a good balance with some of the more heavy technical talks, and also great from a front-end dev perspective.

Kimberely Thomas’ talk entertained us and offered a great insight on a less technical topic, workflow; the talk received many questions and the interest was obvious from the crowd.

Without being biased, our Technical Director, Tony Brown’s talk was high up on the favourite list too, the talk provided a good systematic coverage of all the debugging tools and processes that developers need.


And of course our good friend Vinai! We appreciated that his talk was the most technical and learnt new words about code refactoring, encapsulation and immutability – pretty much how to write better, and more readable code that’s not ‘smelly’.

Thank you!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Magento community, last year’s attendance was awesome and this year’s was simply overwhelming. The event could not happen without you, and we rely on your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts (the bad & the good) via [email protected].

The Crowd

Also, without our sponsors Mage Titans would not be possible. Many thanks to all of you, it’s great that other agencies get behind this and see the value of the event. Sponsors include: UK Fast, CTI Digital, Dotmailer, Session, Ampersand, PCA Predict, Elementary, Bitbull, JetBrains and our Innovation Award sponsor, Sage Pay.

And last but not least, Manchester Digital for helping us to organise the whole shebang, you did an amazing job and we couldn’t do it without you. The day went without a glitch and the after party was a great end to a fantastic day.

We ended the day on high spirits, buzzing with new knowledge; and our productivity has been through the roof since. Spirits were made even higher when we caught #MageTitans as the top trend in Manchester, and even trending above the #FACup & #Christmas on Twitter – winning!

On a final note, keep your ear to the ground in 2016, there will be much more to come from Mage Titans, starting with Mage Titans Italia.

You might also be interested to read about how this all came about, pop over to our recent article Mage Titans, Our Involvement, to find out how and why.

You can also visit the Mage Titan‘s website for more information.