Business Analyst

You are a key part of the delivery team’s success, bridging the gap between business and technology. As Business Analyst, you are responsible for uncovering business objectives and, in collaboration with the development team, identifying and defining the most appropriate solutions that will help meet these objectives.

Here’s what your week may look like:

You start your day with some focus time, writing a set of business requirements for the communication of customer and sales data between a customer’s ecommerce platform and their ERP. You’re not the only person to write user stories in the business but your experience means that you lead the way.

Later on in the morning you are part of some weekly internal project check-in calls where progress is discussed. The developers have come up against some challenges on a task and they think it is going to take a lot longer than they initially thought. You are able to contribute some additional context on behalf of the merchant given your knowledge of their business. You suggest an alternative approach that will make the task more manageable while still likely meeting customer needs.

You work from home, so you pay the pet tax and encourage your four-legged-friend to wave to the camera before logging off for lunch.

In the afternoon you have a 2 hour discovery workshop with a customer where you’ll be running a goal tree exercise to help us (and them!) understand what the necessary conditions are for project success. You spend an hour getting your virtual whiteboard set up and read through the background on the project once more. You remember that you’ve forgotten to ask for someone’s help scribing the session so you send the project manager a quick Slack message. They’re only too happy to help.

The workshop went great, you and the team learnt a lot. They’re going to be a fun client to work with and you’re looking forward to it!

Before heading off for the day, you have a quick check of Slack to see what’s been going on. You see a request from a project manager. Following a retrospective, their team is looking for some help on how to take the “business as usual” requests that come in from a customer and convert into actionable tasks for the developers. With this customer, the team has found that they often do the work and then find that the customer actually wanted something different and so could really do with your guidance. You pencil in some time the following day to talk more with them. It may be that you end up spending time with the customer to get deeper into the business needs, or it may be that you end up writing some documentation on writing acceptance criteria that can be signed off in advance of starting development.

You’re part of the pitch team for a new project this morning. You have a quick catch up with the team before heading in to a Zoom call with the potential new customer. You’ve got a couple of slides on how you’ve managed to mock up a proof-of-concept for supporting the customer’s unique way of selling bundled products in BigCommerce.
The pitch went well – fingers crossed they thought so too!

As the week ends, you realise that you’ve spotted a common issue across three of our recent projects customers – they have all struggled to achieve the desired content management capabilities. You spot this gap between customers wants and needs and believe that you have found a way of approaching the next project using a tool called Contentrich. You set up a meeting with a Digital Commerce Consultant and Technical Director to talk it through and see if there’s an opportunity here.

If you read this and it sounds like your ideal job — we want you on the team!



What You’ll Be Doing 

The following should give you an idea of how you’ll be expected to typically be spending your time.  It’s not set in stone and it may change from week-to-week, but it gives an idea of what is expected  from the role. 


Business Analysis & Solution Engineering (60%) 

You’ll be spending the majority of your time working on delivering projects for our customers with  your team. This time will be split between overseeing the discovery process on new projects,  supporting ongoing projects with scope change.

You’ll be involved with projects on Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. You’ll work closely with  project managers, developers, designers and digital commerce consultants on a regular basis in  order to understand business needs and then identify & define solutions.

Your experience and insight will put you in a powerful position to be able to recommend process  improvements.


Supporting Technical Sales (30%) 

A portion of your time will be spent impressing our potential new customers with your experience  and ideas. This time will be spent helping our Digital Commerce Consultants and Executive Team  by participating in project pitches and responding to RFPs.

Your work with the project teams and previous projects will allow you to bring examples of our  work into the process, reinforce our position and bring credibility when pitching. Your experience  with the platforms will allow you to mock up (no-code) proof-of-concepts demonstrating an  understanding of the business problems and validating our technical and platform credentials.


Personal Development (10%) 

Space for learning is incredibly important. Use this time for learning about other ways of defining  and delivery projects – perhaps you’ll find a new workshop exercise for gleaning requirements and  priorities! Use this time to push forward your objectives and research tools and techniques you  need to stay productive.

Who You Are 


  • At least 3 years of business analysis, consulting or software architecture experience. 
  • A strong understanding of the Ecommerce ecosystem, data flows and architecture (the role of PIM, ERP, WMS, multi-channel, inventory considerations, etc)
  • Experience with one or more Ecommerce platform (Magento 1.x, Magento 2.x, Shopware, Shopify, BigCommerce, CommerceTools, etc)
  • Experience dealing directly with non-technical stakeholders
  • Highly motivated with demonstrable technical and analytical skills 
  • Attention to detail, commitment and desire to complete a consistently high standard of work
  • Advanced time management skills with the ability to manage own tasks to agreed
  • Able to digest, simplify and articulate complex business requirements  
  • Strong communication skills 


  • Experience responding to RFPs 
  • Experience presenting ideas and proposals to stakeholders 
  • Experience working with market leading third-party Ecommerce integrations (Nosto, DotDigital, Klevu, etc)
  • Experience working with a PIM (Pimcore, Akeneo, etc) 
  • Knowledge of agile principles, practices and approaches.  
  • Any development experience is highly desirable. 
  • Experience with Atlassian Suite (Jira, Confluence). 

Your Responsibilities 

The following are the types of tasks that you may be required to perform as part of your role. 

  • Lead Discovery 

Run workshops and discovery sessions with customers in order to understand their needs and the business objectives.  

  • Requirement Specification 

Digest discovery into written specifications for each area of the project.  

Review with the development and design team to understand what’s possible.  

Evaluate requirements against identified goals to check whether they will meet the objective.  

Go through a review process with the customer and gain sign-off of the designed solution. 

  • Support in-flight projects and business-as-usual (retainer) work 

Provide your insight in weekly project check-ins.  

Join mini scoping/discovery sessions for scope changes or smaller pieces of work.  

Support project manager’s in planning & scheduling.  

  • Support sales team 

Provide documentation and be involved in pitching the discovery process to potential clients. 

  • Quality Assurance 

Support the QA team in the validation that new features meet objectives. 

  • Evaluate Partners 

Work with Digital Commerce Consultants to evaluate new and alternative technology partners that we could recommend to our customers when appropriate. 

  • Communicate with Team 

Provide progress reports on tasks and projects 

  • Assist in Planning 

Participate in project planning meetings 

  • Share Knowledge and Ideas 

Proactively suggest improvements in customer programmes of work 

Actively support and mentor other team members. 

  • Perform related duties as assigned.

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