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May 9, 2021

#1 Go Global With Your eCommerce with Avalara – Taxes and Customs in International Ecommerce

Go global with your ecommerce

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Welcome to the Go Global With Your Ecommerce mini-series on the Space Bar Podcast in partnership with BigCommerce. In this episode, we are starting the series with taxes and customs in international ecommerce with our partner Avalara. We cover tax obligations, customs rules and regulations to consider when trading in new markets with our guests:

  • Mark Carpenter, Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances, at Avalara
  • Jim Herbert – General Manager, EMEA, at BigCommerce & co-host
  • Stephen Kenealy, Strategy Director, Space 48 & our host

The insightful conversation covers the following:

  • Businesses in lack of preparation for Brexit
  • Common mistakes with the new regulations
  • Success stories where businesses have pivoted their model
  • Expanding into new markets post-Brexit

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