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August 4, 2021

#5 Go Global With Your eCommerce with Attraqt – How to be fluent in the language of your shopper, wherever they are located in the world.

Go global with your ecommerce

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Globalisation is providing new opportunities for online retailers. As the world becomes more connected and selling across borders becomes more efficient and easier to handle, online brands and retailers are embracing the opportunity to expand their market presence and to make their offers available to a broader consumer base. However, the rise of internationalisation has also forced online retailers to adapt. They have had to extend their online presence to cater for a more diverse audience and to ensure that their offering, content, and experience match the precise needs of their consumers in each market that they now do business in.

This episode aims to provide an overview of how to deliver the very best ‘Product Discovery’ experiences on a global basis. Product Discovery is the process of effortlessly guiding shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for quicker. It sits at the core of a successful ecommerce visit, wherever you are in the world. We’re joined by our partner Attraqt, discussing how consumers shop differently around the world and how that turns into the need for localised search to help improve experience and conversion.

Our guests are:

Imran Choudrey, VP of Strategic Growth at Attraqt

– Deepak Anand – Commercial Director for Partnerships at BigCommerce

Our host is Nick Jones, Technical Director at Space 48

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