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October 23, 2020

Space 48 wins BigCommerce Partner of the Year 2020

Space 48 - BigCommerce Partner of the Year

Space48 wins BigCommerce Partner of the Year.

We have been waiting eagerly to write this announcement. So here it is.

On October 22nd 2020, Space 48 was presented with the Partner of the Year Award at the annual BigCommerce Partner Summit – BigCommerce’s flagship partner event. The virtual summit concluded with their annual awards ceremony, in which BigCommerce formally recognised Space 48 with this award for their “tremendous growth for multiple BigCommerce clients”.

This is, without a doubt, the biggest and most reputable award we’ve won to date and is a true milestone for our business. Becoming a multi-platform ecommerce agency marked a significant change for our people and our brand, but with the outstanding support and trust from BigCommerce, we have been able to move forward with momentum. 

It is a thrill to join them on their own journey too, as they make leaps and bounds and continue to push the boundaries of what an ecommerce platform can do for our community. We’re truly thankful to the BigCommerce team for recognising our hard work and for trusting us with this extraordinary title.

Through this partnership, we’ve had more creative and technical freedom to discover a completely new portfolio of ambitious ecommerce merchants – one’s that desire a new way to build their website, and one’s that, fortunately, trusted us to do so. Ordnance Survey, Ultra LEDs, and SweetSquared are just a few of the brands we’ve migrated onto BigCommerce and we’re pleased to see that their efforts have not gone unnoticed – particularly during this unpredictable time. 

That being said, the quality of work presented at these awards speaks volumes about the expertise and boldness of the BigCommerce community as it is today. Both agency and tech partners have demonstrated their unwavering talent within the space, and without their elite standard, our industry would not be comparable to high-end standard that it is today. We are forever humbled by the dynamic nature of the ecommerce industry – one that never fails to challenge, delight and inspire us.

Lastly, it goes without saying, that without the unmitigated drive and pure talent of our teams, one of our equally deserving partner nominees could have easily won this award. Our team culture is built on working together and their everyday curiosity and ingenuity has taken us to new heights as a business. We’re so pleased that their effort has been rewarded by this prestigious award. It is a real pat on the back to get that external validation, after what has been years of learning, adapting, and growing as a team. It is their win and we’ll be sure to celebrate as such.

What a privilege it is to be picked out from such a strong collection of BigCommerce partners. What a privilege it is to join BigCommerce on their rapid expansion through the ecommerce market. What a privilege it is to work with the Space48 team, whose everyday contributions have made this possible. It is a privilege. And I’m thrilled.

Jon Woodall, Founder and Managing Director at Space 48

After what has proven to be a very, very special year indeed, we’re excited for what lies ahead. Our Mission as a business has always been to “create more human and compelling ecommerce experiences”, and it is our goal to fulfil that mission in the months and years ahead.

Thank you to everyone who continues to show their support and enthusiasm for Space 48.