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June 13, 2021

#3 Go Global With Your eCommerce with ShipperHQ – Cross-border Shipping With ShipperHQ

Go global with your ecommerce

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Welcome back to the Go Global With Your Ecommerce mini-series on the Space Bar Podcast in partnership with BigCommerce.

In episode 3, we’re focusing on shipping and fulfilment in international ecommerce with our partner ShipperHQ and discussing how to deliver an Amazon-style checkout experience to your international customers. Our guests are:

  • Quentin Montalto, COO at ShipperHQ
  • Nicole Walker, Senior Partner Manager at BigCommerce
  • Our host, Pete Robertshaw, Digital Commerce Consultant at Space 48

The insightful conversation covers the following:

  • What’s driving international growth for retailers 
  • Important considerations for retailers when looking to start shipping internationally
  • Success stories of businesses that are smashing international fulfilment
  • Top tips for merchants to think about with their global delivery operations

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