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February 1, 2024

Space 48 becomes a certified BigCommerce B2B Specialised Agency Partner

Space 48 becomes a certified BigCommerce B2B Specialised Agency Partner

We are thrilled to share that Space 48 has been acknowledged as a leading B2B expert within the BigCommerce ecosystem. This recognition showcases our expertise and highlights our commitment to providing tailored solutions that enhance the quality of our work for clients. From simplified operations to improved order management and sales efficiency, our team is dedicated to helping clients scale their businesses effectively.

In response to the evolving needs of B2B customers, businesses must now offer engaging and user-friendly ecommerce experiences similar to those found in B2C. By leveraging technology stacks and implementing specific features that enhance productivity, we aim to streamline processes and adapt to changing consumer habits.

The landscape for B2B companies shifted dramatically during the pandemic, prompting increased investment in ecommerce sites as businesses adapted to new market conditions. With an estimated $20.9 trillion set to be spent on B2B ecommerce by 2027, it is clear that companies must adopt a more consumer-centric approach when designing their websites and enhancing user experience.

“As demand for B2B ecommerce accelerates, the need for system integrator and agency services is surging, driven by the growing demands of manufacturers and distributors building immersive online buyer journeys. Recognising this trend, BigCommerce introduced its B2B Specialisation, empowering ecommerce agencies to demonstrate their exceptional B2B expertise and track record of accomplishments. We are excited to announce Space 48 as a BigCommerce B2B Specialised agency. Congratulations.” – General Manager of B2B, Lance Owide

At Space 48, we have a wealth of experience in designing and building B2B ecommerce solutions for many clients in the B2B space, including:

  • J Parker’s Dutch Bulbs
  • Lifetime Brands 
  • Ellisons
  • Garden Trading
  • Terex

To learn more about one of our B2B BigCommerce projects, read our case study on J Parker’s digital transformation project here

If you want to learn more or discuss a transformation project, please complete the Contact Us form or use the chat box to get in touch.