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November 15, 2021

#23: Secrets To Making The Most Of The B2B Ecommerce Opportunity

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The B2B customer is evolving, they’re no longer a user of fax machines or even a mobile device to make calls. They’re shoppers like you and I so how should B2B businesses be changing their approach to digital commerce to accommodate for this new generation of B2B customers. How does the commerce experience differ and where does it start to cross over into B2C? Should eCommerce technology companies be focussing their products in this ever-evolving B2B market or should their products already cater for the B2B customer anyway?

To answer these questions, on this week’s episode of the Space Bar Podcast, we’re joined by the IT and Operations Director at the B2B Health & Beauty wholesaler Ellisons, Lee Farmer and the Sales Director for the UK & Ireland at FACT-finder, Stuart Patterson.

Presented by Pete Robertshaw, Head of Commerce Consulting at Space 48

Listen here:

Download The Guide To Ecommerce Domination In B2B here.