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September 27, 2021

#21: How Headless Technology Can Deliver High Performing Commerce Experiences

In this week’s episode, we discuss a topic that has been the source of much debate within the digital commerce industry over the past couple of years and that is Headless. We break down what headless actually means at a non-technical level and why it’s important for the future of digital commerce. We discuss why merchants should consider a headless approach, including the benefits it brings them and more importantly, their end customers. To discuss this, we’re joined by Franz Riedl, COO of the front end experience platform Styla, and Thom Armstrong – VP of Go to Market Solutions and Strategy at Fast, the one-click checkout solution. We discuss with them how headless has enabled their businesses to move forward and how it’s enabling them to deliver great commerce experiences to their customers.

Presented by Pete Robertshaw, Digital Commerce Consultant at Space 48.

Listen here: