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Dubarry of Ireland

Dubarry of Ireland: A refined Shopware site that grew desktop conversions by 34.7%.

No, really, It’s not every day that you get to build a website for a company that’s admired by royalty. But with over 100 years of elegance and class under your belt, you soon catch the eye of the UK’s royal elite – including the Duchess of Cambridge herself.

And just like the royal family, Dubarry of Ireland understand the value of growing with the times. So, without hesitation, they sought out an agency that could build them a modern, story-led online store that represented the future of the brand. That agency was Space 48.

Elite – A refined website that celebrates company heritage and sophistication through a modern digital footprint.

Dubarry of Ireland, established in 1937 in the small town of Ballinasloe, brought together the local craftsmanship of the town with sophisticated European polish to deliver a class of product cherished for nearly a century – the Galway Boot.

With such a rich story to tell, Dubarry of Ireland required an ecommerce website that enabled their customers to join them in the next stage of their journey. Easier site management, personalisation, and enhanced reporting capabilities was the aim of the game. And Space 48 was ready to play.


A highly-configurable, pan-continental collection of ecommerce stores that enables global growth with ease.

As a global brand, Dubarry of Ireland owns multi sub-stores across Australasia, Europe and the Americas. Each store comes equipped with unique currency specifications and delivery options. To perform correctly, Dubarry of Ireland required bespoke logic built by Space 48 to ensure the right information was displayed to the right customer.

As well as building out the code, Space 48 designed fully-customisable pages within Shopware’s CMS ‘Shopping Worlds’. We created a suite of templates and assets that Dubarry’s in-house ecommerce team could utilise to maximum effect. Now, with simple drag and drop functionality, Dubarry of Ireland have the freedom to tell their story without being encumbered by convoluted tech.

To reinforce the focus on UX, we advised Dubarry to take full advantage of Shopware’s native search functionality, as well as Nosto’s AI-powered personalisation platform, to create hyper-relevant journeys that directed customers to their dream product. These improved commerce experiences carry on beyond the site too. Dubarry of Ireland’s new site runs complex code for their ERP solution Prima and we are continuing to work on initiatives to improve Dubarrys multi-channel offering. It’s plain sailing from beginning to end.


Results that have made a splash!

As a result of the new navigation and site structure, session durations have soared. Customers are spending far more time exploring the site and discovering the best products for them. And they’re exiting the site less than usual. That’s the power of personalisation and tailored UX.
That extra time on site has worked wonders for ecommerce conversion rate too. Happy customers and money in the bank. A win-win for Dubarry of Ireland.

Now for the numbers.

  • Session durations increased by 15.59%
  • 9.76% reduction in site exits
  • 8.36% increase in mobile conversions
  • 34.7% increase in desktop conversions
  • 15% conversion rate increase site-wide

“Space 48 have been an excellent partner for Dubarry helping us to improve our brand storytelling and accelerate online sales. The future is bright as we work through our roadmap integrating third party tech to deliver excellent customer experiences.”

– Marc O’Donnell, Ecommerce Manager at Dubarry of Ireland

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