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Ecommerce Strategy & Consultancy

We believe in a data and results-driven, strategic approach when it comes to ecommerce strategy.

Creating a digital strategy that drives results can be difficult and complex. Our Strategy & Consulting team have experience in creating ecommerce roadmaps and consultancy that delivers performance. Hit your targets and watch your numbers grow. 

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What our clients say

“The best part about working with Space 48 is that they listen, which in my experience is the most crucial point in any project. They’ve even advised against ideas to make sure that the website being developed is of the highest possible quality. The solutions that the team offers to dilemmas are always helpful and their patience is admirable.”

Paul Garner, Ecommerce Director at UltraLEDs

Explore our strategy & consultancy services

Consultancy Retainer

Creating an ecommerce strategy that will drive change can often be difficult and complex based on a number of moving parts. Our Digital Commerce Consultants have experience in creating commerce roadmaps and continued support while you implement. Talk to one of our consultants to see how we can enable you to keep driving your commerce roadmap and performance to hit your targets.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital marketing performance can be a challenge due to competition and managing budgets with multiple teams. 
Space 48 have experienced digital marketing and ecommerce consultants who can work with you to manage your strategy to hit your targets and ensure you are in control of your digital marketing channels. Find out how we help multi-million-pound ecommerce brands grow online.

Technology Consultancy

Digital transformation is complicated and time-consuming.
Not every client that we work with has in-house technical consultants to help with digital transformation. Space 48 has a team of Digital Commerce Consultants who can help throughout the process. Learn more about how we can help you with strategic technology consulting for your project to ensure there is a smooth delivery and risk is managed effectively. 

Ecommerce Platform Selection

You’re overwhelmed with the ecommerce platform options available. With a combination of workshop fact-finding and process mapping, we help you plot your destination by identifying the ideal platform that aligns best with your requirements. There’s no shortage of options out there. There’s only one best choice though – we’ll help you identify it.

In need of some strategic advice for your ecommerce brand?

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