What’s the ideal commerce technology for my business?

We’ll tell you.

Whether you’re a global brand with a global vision or an ambitious startup we’ll recommend exactly the right digital commerce technology for your business.

Technology to innovate at scale, that integrates throughout your organisation and is based on market-leading digital commerce platforms and open source products.

Digital commerce technology that streamlines your business operations, delivers stellar customer experiences and means you can fulfil your commercial potential.

When it’s a question of choosing the perfect digital commerce technology, the answer always begins with Space48

We support you with a wide range of technology services;

Digital Commerce Platform Engineering:

Build your online business on rock. Scaleable rock.

Product Information Management:

Efficient, consistent, instant, single switch, multi-channel product updates.

Microservices Architecture:

Independent modularised functionality. Flexible and free from platform tie-in.

Performance Management and Testing:

Measure, manage, test and master. If there’s a better way to work, we’ll help you find it.

Security and Threat Detection:

We won’t let security compromise your online success.

Support and Maintenance Services:

A well-oiled sales machine always sells more.