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December 21, 2021

#25 – The state of eCommerce on the web

The Web Almanac report is an annual review of the state of eCommerce which was authored this year by our very own Tom Robertshaw. We discuss how eCommerce websites are built, their performance, and other technologies that are commonly used by eCommerce sites.

Topics we cover from the report:

An introduction to Web Almanac and the methodology from the report Top eCommerce platforms and what are the changes in the market The impact of COVID-19 for the eCommerce industry Lighthouse scores for platforms and what can we learn from the data Site speed Performance & Core Web Vitals for eCommerce platforms A summary of the state of the web for eCommerceYou can read the Web Almanac report today, it is completely free and it has lots of interesting data, graphs and commentary to help you understand the state of e-commerce at the end of 2021.

Guests – Rockey Nebhwani – eCommerce Consultant and Tom Robertshaw – Innovation Director at Space 48.

Host – Paul Casey, Head of Account Management at Space 48.

Listen here: