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Troubleshooting your Magento 2 website

Tony Brown

Having some teething problems with your Magento 2 website? Maybe you’ve stumbled across some issues and haven’t got adequate experience or support to get your ecommerce website back on track. Never fear, Space 48 is here!

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Magento 2 versus Magento 1: key benefits and performance improvements (infographic)

For growing businesses with big ambitions, the scalability and customisation made possible within Magento 2 makes it a game-changing ecommerce...

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How to avoid data migration issues when replatforming to Magento 2

As experienced ecommerce experts, our Magento developers understand that moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is more than merely a migration...

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Magento 2 tutorial: admin panel walk-through

Magento 2 versus Magento 1 admin panel

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5 key benefits of Magento Social for your ecommerce business

One of the key takeaways from the recent 2017 Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas was the emergence of Magento Social. It was a welcome...

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How to rescue your Magento 2 ecommerce project

Selecting the right platform for your ecommerce website alone is not a guarantee of success. Working with experienced developers who have...

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Magento 2 performance training with Vinai Kopp

At Space 48, we believe in continuous improvement every day. Although contentment is a nice state to be in, you can’t afford to stand still in...

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Meet our website development leads

When planning large-scale projects for your ecommerce business, such as replatforming or migrating your ecommerce website and selecting a suitable...

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Most common mistakes with Magento 2 websites and how to avoid them

Magento 2 is a high-powered, modern and flexible platform enabling ecommerce businesses to deliver innovative integrated omnichannel consumer...

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4 things to consider when selecting Magento 2 payment gateway integrations

When setting up and developing a Magento 2 ecommerce store, customer payment is often a factor that raises most concern and apprehension for...

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How to minimalise security risks and threats with Magento

As with any ecommerce store, security is of utmost importance – both to the merchant and to the customer. Although online transactions are so...

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Mage Titans; a programme lead's perspective

Our programme lead, Adam talks us through the two talks he found most valuable at the latest Mage Titans conference in Manchester.

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Enhancing Magento store security

Security advice from our 1st line support team:

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Magento 2 - when is the right time to move?

With Magento 2 being talked about since 2010 and finally launching in November 2015, many retailers are asking the question ‘When is the right...

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The new Magento Marketplace

Talking to Magento about the new Magento Marketplace; an interview with Tanya Soroka.

Tanya Soroka is from the Ukraine and has been with Magento...

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