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February 28, 2024

#60: Unboxing Logistics: Overcoming Challenges & Harnessing Tech in Fulfilment Operations

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#60: Unboxing Logistics: Overcoming Challenges & Harnessing Tech in Fulfilment Operations | Podcast

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Welcome to the latest insightful episode of the Space Bar Podcast, where we unpack the complexities of logistics and fulfilment that retailers are grappling with in a market full of rising costs and changing consumer expectations. Logistics maestro James Hayes from Whistl Group joins host Pete Robertshaw to dissect the state of delivery in the UK and explore innovative solutions.

Retailers are feeling the pinch as delivery costs spike and operational expenses skyrocket. But what’s the underlying cause, and more importantly, what can be done? We’re discussing whether it’s better to pick up or drop off, the myth of carrier hierarchies, and the pressing question – to free deliver or not to free deliver?

James lends his expertise to the gripes with packaging, locker services’ real benefits, PUDO’s rising popularity, and the ins and outs of providing an ‘eco’ delivery option. Can customers expect to pay less, and should retailers offer it as a necessity? Tune in to find out.

With a focus on eCommerce and technology, hear James divulge the details regarding game-changing fulfilment and shipping technologies and whether AI is making significant strides in logistics.

Listen now to understand how you can overcome these current logistics challenges.

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