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April 20, 2022

#30: Succeeding in Global Ecommerce

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In this episode, we’re going to cover global ecommerce and the challenges you may face as a retailer when growing internationally and, through our experience, how we can help solve those challenges.

Cross border shopping has grown exponentially. With the lack of physical retail stores being open in the last two years, consumers have gone online and found new brands, and the likelihood is these brands are from overseas.

This online drive provides businesses more power to reach and sell to consumers globally.

This new era of global commerce requires brands who maybe haven’t always dealt with international ecommerce to step up and create excellent customer experiences in their home market and overseas. How can brands replicate this model and hedge on technology to provide the experiences, scalability and data needed to keep pace with the rapid changes?

Our guests are:
Pete Robertshaw, Head of Commerce Consulting at Space 48
Ollie Lees, Head of Data and Insight at Space 48
Paul Casey, Head of Account Management at Space 48

Hosted by Molly Smith, Head of Marketing at Space 48.

Download our global ecommerce guide here. 

Listen here: