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January 31, 2024

#59: How to craft a winning strategy

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#59: How to craft a winning strategy | Podcast

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Welcome back to the Space Bar podcast! In this episode, we discuss the importance of digital strategy and how to craft a winning one. In today’s ever-shifting digital ecosystem, the marketing landscape has transformed dramatically, ushering in a new era of strategies, technologies, and consumer behaviours that continually redefine digital marketing.

We’re joined by ⁠Mel Walker⁠, COO, who leads the strategy function at Bring Digital, and Ollie Lees, Strategy Director at Bring Digital. Some of our loyal listeners may know Ollie already, as he has been a long-standing employee at ⁠Space 48⁠ and has recently moved over to Bring, Space 48’s sister performance marketing agency and part of the Dark Matter Commerce group.

Both bring a wealth of experience across strategy, data, and consultancy in this space. So, ecommerce professionals who are looking to build an effective strategy for your brand in 2024, this episode is worth seeing.

Topics include:

  • Introducing Mel Walker and Ollie Lees
  • The importance of strategy in eCommerce
  • Adopting new technologies without a clear strategy
  • Strategy misconceptions in business
  • Simplicity in strategy
  • Business Strategy and Cost Efficiencies
  • Strategy’s Impact on Business Direction and Consistency
  • Attribution Modeling in Digital Marketing
  • Data Accuracy in Attribution Modelling and GA4
  • Measuring Marketing ROI and Data Accuracy
  • Taking a step back and auditing for growth
  • Strategic frameworks for ecommerce business success
  • The importance of OKRs in ecommerce
  • Strategic planning in ecommerce, focusing on “Why” questions
  • Balance scorecards
  • Top five tips for strategy

Hosted by ⁠Molly Smith⁠, Group Head of Marketing at ⁠Dark Matter Commerce⁠.

Guests: ⁠Mel Walker⁠, COO, ⁠Bring Digital⁠ and ⁠Ollie Lees⁠, Strategy Director at ⁠Bring Digital⁠

Listen Here: