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September 13, 2023

#53: Don’t Panic: A Developers Guide to Disasters

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#53: Don’t Panic: A Developers Guide to Disasters | Podcast

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In a perfect world, everything runs smoothly on an ecommerce site, but we all know there are times when things go wrong. As a developer, it’s easy to panic, but with a clear action plan, you can deal with the disaster in front of you. This episode will cover steps to help you Keep Calm and Carry on in the face of a disaster.

Our guests, Gareth James, Engineering Manager and Sam Varnam, Account Manager, alongside host Rob Peterkin, Project Delivery Manager at Space 48, share anecdotes from their own experiences, highlighting the significance of staying calm and composed in the face of unexpected issues.

Topics include:

  • The significance of preparedness
  • The disastrous consequences of panic.
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Navigating communication during crises
  • The ARGGRH Approach
  • The value of hindsight and preventing future website problems 
  • Technical whack-a-mole
  • Tailoring responses for response strategies 
  • Learning from past experiences to prevent future website issues.

This podcast episode provides valuable insights into handling website issues, emphasising the significance of staying calm, communicating effectively, and learning from past experiences to prevent future problems.