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July 12, 2023

#52: The Digital Commerce Landscape in the Nordics

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#52: The Digital Commerce Landscape in the Nordics | Podcast

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In this week’s episode, we will explore the digital commerce landscape in a traditionally well-known technology hub territory, with many tech firms choosing to set up shop out there. We’re going to be looking at the Nordics region and discussing the opportunities that are out there for UK merchants, as well as some of the challenges merchants in that region face when looking to transact internationally.

Our guest is Theis Vedel, the Channel Account Manager for Nordics at BigCommerce and is based in Copenhagen, so he has great insight and first-hand experience he can share with us. 

Topics Include:

  • Nordics and the digital commerce space
  • How the Nordic market compares to the UK in terms of digital commerce
  • Nordic merchants need to innovate to survive.
  • Brands succeeding in the Nordics
  • Minimal technology challenges and composable commerce
  • How Amazon has changed the competitive dynamics in the market.
  • Nordic tech ecosystem
  • The speed of Amazon in the Nordic market
  • Nordic ecommerce platforms
  • What can BigCommerce offer local merchants
  • Need for Nordic merchants to get online.
  • Challenges of selling online in the UK
  • The age of the agency
  • What’s the opportunity in the Nordic market?
  • Payment and delivery options are a huge part of the future.
  • Looking at the future of the industry.

Our host is Pete Robertshaw, Head of Commerce Consulting, Space 48