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June 14, 2023

#50: Introducing Dark Matter Commerce: Connected Agencies, Transforming Commerce

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#50: Introducing Dark Matter Commerce: Connected Agencies, Transforming Commerce

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Welcome to the Space Bar Podcast, the podcast from Space 48 for online retailers.

This is another exciting episode to record as we’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our company’s journey, Dark Matter Commerce. Today, we embark on an exciting new chapter as we unveil a brand-new collective that will revolutionise the digital commerce landscape globally.

In this episode, we’ll explain what Dark Matter Commerce is, the agencies within the group, how it was established, our mission and proposition and the ideas behind the branding.

Our guests:

  • Martin Boddy, Chairman, Dark Matter Commerce
  • Hannah Eames, Finance Director, Dark Matter Commerce
  • David Wood, Brand and Creative at Pavement

Our host:

Jon Woodall, CEO of Dark Matter Commerce

Topics Include:

  • What is Dark Matter Commerce?
  • The importance of a collective over a group
  • Opportunity and ambition
  • The Identity of Dark Matter Commerce
  • The importance of the identity of the agencies
  • The power of branding
  • What is the future of Dark Matter Commerce?
  • Being a magnet for talent

About Dark Matter Commerce

Dark Matter Commerce was created by Jon Woodall as a digital commerce collective in 2020. With the backing of Foresight, we’re acquiring technology businesses and agencies that share our unique focus on eComm and other forms of digital commerce.

Our mission is to build an era-defining collective of expert innovators and agencies to transform digital commerce at global scale.


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