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April 26, 2023

#48: The rise of open banking in Digital Commerce

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#48: The rise of open banking in Digital Commerce

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Space Bar podcast, where we delve into the rise of open banking in digital commerce with our guests, Adyen and Tink. Open banking is a relatively new concept quickly changing the entire financial landscape, levelling the playing field and making finance fairer for all. With its benefits to merchants and consumers alike, it’s no wonder that companies like Tink and Adyen are big on innovation and supporting Pay By Bank. Personalisation, risk mitigation, and cost benefits are just a few reasons merchants adopt this technology to maximise conversions. We’ll explore the launch of Pay By Bank and how it’s streamlining payments for merchants and consumers alike, from desktop shopping to mobile banking through QR. The future of open banking is looking bright. Listen in as Angus from Adyen and Tom from Tink discuss the exciting future of open banking and their partnership.

Topics Include:

  • The huge scale of Adyen
  • Tink – Building the connectivity between merchants and consumers
  • What is open banking?
  • Making finance fairer
  • The benefits to merchants for adopting this technology
  • The launch of Pay By Bank
  • Personalisation and risk mitigation
  • Offering the relevant payment methods to maximise conversion.
  • Big on innovation and supporting the right payment methods
  • Why Adyen has entered into a partnership with Tink
  • Cost benefits to merchants using pay by bank
  • The efficiency of pay by bank
  • Desktop shopping to Mobile banking through QR
  • Success stories
  • The fatigue of payment brands
  • Chargebacks, costs and user experience benefits
  • Will open banking merge into offline payments?
  • What’s the future of open banking?

Pete Robertshaw, Head of Commerce Consulting at Space 48, hosts this episode.


  • Angus Blest – Head of UK Commercial, Adyen
  • Tom Pope – SVP Payments & Platforms, Tink