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March 8, 2023

#46: IWD: Tiffany Salmon – The Founder of Glow Hub – Succeeding in the online beauty industry

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#45: IWD: Tiffany Salmon – The Founder of Glow Hub – Succeeding in the online beauty industry

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Welcome to the Space Bar, the ecommerce podcast for online retailers, brought to you by Space 48.

On International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to be joined by Tiffany Salmon, Creative Director at Amelia Knight Ltd and Founder of Scientia BeautySoak Sunday and Glow Hub!, She is an inspiring entrepreneur with several successful businesses in beauty and ecommerce! Tune into this podcast to learn more about her incredible journey from starting in the beauty industry to growing three successful brands. You’ll gain valuable insight and her perspective on our latest research about Beauty & Cosmetics Online Shopping trends on topics such as TikTok marketing, Instagram influencers, sustainability & ecommerce tech trends – plus get career advice straight from the source! Don’t miss this inspiring conversation.

Topics include:

  • From the family business, Amelia Knight, to founding three brands!
  • Finding Glow Hub and Soak Sunday during lockdown
  • Launching in lockdown – Evened the playing field with influencer marketing
  • Talking to different target audiences
  • Replicating the in-store experience with educational conversion
  • Beauty, grooming & cosmetics online shopping consumer insights
  • Partnership with Amelia Olivia
  • TikTok – partnership, community and authenticity
  • Social media impacts the whole marketing journey
  • Going viral – Is it luck or strategy?
  • The phenomenon of TikTok shopping
  • Investing in tech as a new form of sampling
  • Sustainability – pick your pledge
  • Advice from Tiffany for someone who wants to start a business in ecommerce
  • Be brave and be kind


Tiffany Salmon, Creative Director at Amelia Knight Ltd and Founder of Scientia Beauty, Soak Sunday and Glow Hub!

Hosted by:

Rebecca Sambrook, Project Manager at Space 48.

Molly Smith, Head of Marketing at Space 48

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