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January 24, 2023

#43: The power of User Generated Content in the beauty and cosmetics industry with Yotpo

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#43: Why User Generated Content is so powerful in the beauty and cosmetics industry with Yotpo

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Welcome back to the Space Bar Podcast, season 3!

In this episode, we’re discussing the powerful potential of user-generated content for businesses within the health and beauty sector. Our guest Matt Brindley, Partner Growth Manager at Yotpo, will be helping us unpack this topic and giving us his insight into how businesses in this sector can use UGC. For those who may not be familiar with it, user-generated content is any content created by people external to a brand—such as text, videos, images, or reviews—which has excellent potential for growth in the online health and beauty market. Let’s hear what Matt says about UGC and how businesses can make it work for them.

Topics include:

  • What is UGC?
  • What is Yotpo?
  • How can beauty brands cut through the noise?
  • Authenticity in the form of reviews and customer imagery
  • Getting started with user-generated content
  • Encouraging customers to submit user-generated content
  • Measuring the ROI of customer content
  • How does UGC help with retention and brand loyalty
  • Beauty brands leading the way in UGC
  • Yotpo success stories
  • Best practices for integrating UGC into your commerce site


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