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August 17, 2022

#36: Josh Wood Colour: Replicating the Celebrity Salon Experience Online

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This episode provides an insight into the world of Josh Wood Colour. Josh Wood is a celebrity colour expert with a highly sought-after salon in West London. His experience spans over three decades of working with some of the biggest names in the business. Josh Wood Colour translates this exclusive in-salon experience to online with at-home hair colour products that are more widely available across the UK. 

We sit down with Linda Benjamin, Director of Product and Kieran Chapman, Director of Growth at Josh Wood Colour, to understand their ecommerce journey and how they approach user experience. 


  • Career highlights and how Linda and Kieran came to Josh Wood Colour
  • An insight into Josh Wood and the brand Josh Wood Colour 
  • Replicating the experience that a customer has in the salon online with Headless and Shopify 
  • Subscription is a lightbulb moment with Recharge
  • Where Josh Wood Colour are placing their bets on customer acquisition 
  • Launching their first TV ad, #DyeHappy
  • The pros and cons of going Headless

Our host is Stephen Kenealy, Strategy Director at Space 48

Listen here: