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October 19, 2023

#55: The impacts of delaying sign-off on your ecommerce project

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#55: The impacts of delaying sign-off on your ecommerce project | Podcast

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In this episode of The Space Bar podcast, we dive deep into delayed sign-offs when it comes to your ecommerce project, discussing the associated risks and impacts. Join us with our guests, Rob Peterkin, Project Delivery Manager, and Sam Varnam, Senior Account Manager, as we unravel the challenges of prolonged approval processes. Tune in to understand the implications of these delays in the current economic landscape, where factors like inflation and interest rates affect businesses. We’ll explore how this new reality impacts margins and extends the time required for sign-offs. Plus, we’ll get insights from our guests on the most significant impacts of delayed sign-offs. Don’t miss out on this engaging discussion!


  • Delayed sign-offs in website projects and their impact on costs and effort.
  • Project risks, including knowledge loss and technology changes.
  • Get off Magento 1, please!
  • Project delays, resource management, and communication in website development.
  • Project delays and their impact on agency-merchant relationships.
  • Could there be adverse effects for your brand if you delay?
  • Website redesign phased approach and cost considerations.
  • Ecommerce project delays and the importance of honesty.

Hosted by Gareth James, Engineering Manager, Space 48

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