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November 29, 2023

#57: Simplifying Globalisation For Digital Retail: Strategies For Stress-Free Expansion

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#57: Simplifying Globalisation For Digital Retail: Strategies For Stress-Free Expansion | Podcast

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Welcome to this week’s episode of the Space Bar podcast!

In this episode, we’re diving into the topic of globalisation made easy and how it can help you internationalise your digital retail business without any headaches. We have two amazing guests, Laetitia Arfi and Emily Peters, who are sales directors at Global-e, the world leaders in end-to-end cross-border ecommerce solutions.

During this episode, we’ll explore the challenges many merchants face when growing their business globally. How Global-e simplifies the cross-border process makes it easier for the consumer and the merchant. No more dealing with issues like currencies, duties, shipping, and languages – Globale is here to alleviate that stress!

Topics include:

  • Discovering global ecommerce solutions and leveraging data-driven insights
  • Simplifying cross-border processes for brands and merchants
  • Focusing on international expansion opportunities in markets like Poland and Turkey
  • The importance of researching local markets and consumer behaviours before expanding internationally
  • Utilising marketplaces like Amazon or eBay for market research
  • Localising websites and marketing efforts to drive traffic and win back business
  • Strategies for addressing language barriers, payment methods, and checkout processes in ecommerce
  • Pricing strategies, integration, and adjusting prices for different markets
  • Shopify partnership with Markets Pro for global expansion to 200 countries
  • Emphasising localised payment methods and their significance
  • Recommendations for ecommerce logistics, shipping, and fulfilment
  • Addressing customs issues and promoting transparency in cross-border selling
  • The importance of localised checkout and shipping processes for sustainable international sales
  • Emerging trends in ecommerce sustainability, including cash-on-delivery payments in the Middle East and net-zero emissions goals

Hosted by Pete Robertshaw, Head of Commerce Consulting, Space 48

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