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March 20, 2024

#61: Unlocking Markets: The Power of Accessible and Localised Video Content

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#61: Unlocking Markets: The Power of Accessible and Localised Video Content by The Space Bar: Ecommerce Podcast by Space 48

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In this episode of the Space Bar Podcast, we discuss the topic of Making Video Content Accessible to All Audiences. Understanding the importance of this can transform how businesses reach out to their global audience and ensure no one is left behind in the digital age. To help dig into this topic, our host, Molly Smith, is joined by Sophie Young, Localisation Services Director, who set up the localisation department at Bring Digital, and Jonny Taylor, Head of Marketing who brings a wealth of experience across content and SEO.

Sophie and Jonny share remarkable insights into how localisation bridges the gap between content and audiences worldwide by adapting video materials not just through language but also by considering cultural nuances, ensuring accessibility, and overcoming barriers for people with visual or hearing impairments. We’re about to explore how localisation is not just a tool for global expansion but an essential component of inclusive marketing strategies that respect and acknowledge diverse audience needs.

In our discussion, we touch upon personal journeys, the evolution and strategic importance of localisation in content creation, and the innovative measures Bring Digital undertakes to make videos accessible to all. From subtitles to voice-overs and the significant role of human translators in the era of AI, this episode unpacks the layers of localisation work and its impact on global markets.

Prepare to deep-dive into how video content, when properly localised, can unlock untapped market potentials, foster inclusivity, and drive global growth, all while maintaining the core essence of the brand’s message.

Topics include:

    • The strategic importance and benefits of making video content accessible and localised for global audiences.
    • The various forms of localisation, including subtitling and voice-over, enhance accessibility and market reach.
    • Incorporating both global and local approaches in marketing efforts to achieve effective localisation.
    • The critical role of maintaining brand consistency across different markets while respecting cultural nuances.
    • Global brands must adapt their messaging and products to resonate effectively with local markets.
    • Examples of cultural considerations and the importance of native-speaking translators in ensuring content is appropriate for each market.
    • The evolution of audience behaviours and expectations regarding engaging with online video content.
    • The significance of accessibility in business strategy and the advantages of prioritising subtitling and voice-over for individuals with disabilities.
    • Limitations of using AI for translation and the complexities AI faces with languages having different conventions and cultural nuances.

Hosted by ⁠Molly Smith⁠, Group Head of Marketing at ⁠Dark Matter Commerce⁠. Guests: ⁠Sophie Young, Localisation Director, ⁠at Bring Digital⁠ and ⁠Jonny Taylor⁠, Head of Marketing at ⁠Bring Digital

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