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May 15, 2024

#63: Transforming B2B Commerce: A Deep Dive with Alex Weston

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#63: Transforming B2B Commerce: A Deep Dive with Alex Weston


Welcome back to the Space Bar podcast! In this episode of the Space Bar Podcast, we discuss B2B commerce, its complexities, niche buying journeys, and some of the trends we’re seeing with B2B businesses and their digital propositions. To help dive into this topic, our host, Pete Robertshaw, is joined by Alex Weston, the Sales Director at SparkLayer and an expert in all things B2B digital commerce and ecommerce.

Alex shares his insights and experience in B2B ecommerce, focusing on the current landscape and the changes we are seeing. We will also dissect how a digital transformation can impact merchants and the importance of knowing your customers. Along with how to create a successful B2B ecommerce platform, we will discuss the current trends, features, and customisations we are seeing in B2B ecommerce and their impact.

Pete and Alex have a wealth of experience in ecommerce and B2B landscape, making this episode a must listen for any merchants in the B2B sector.

Topics include:

  • Who is SparkLayer, and what does it do?
  • What are the limitations of ecommerce B2B functionality?
  • The rise of B2B digital transformation and its impacts on ecommerce.
  • What is the generational shift in B2B buying preferences?
  • Factors in investing in digital automation.
  • Is it essential to prioritise customer needs in digital transformation?
  • How to create a successful B2B ecommerce platform.
  • What are the trends, features, and customisations in the B2B ecommerce landscape?
  • What market is doing well in the world of B2B ecommerce?
Hosted by Pete Robertshaw, Head of Commerce Consulting, Space 48. Guest: Alex Weston, Sales Director at SparkLayer.